Freemi introduces a new ‘’digital handshake’’

Now, it will be even more easy to make a clear appointment about pickup of free secondhand goods. We are happy to present the new feature in the chat that functions as a digital handshake between the donator and the recipient when an appointment must fall into place. Read more below, about how the new appointment feature works, and what we hope it will contribute to.

Freemi makes people meet

At Freemi, 4 out of 5 items get a new life. Everyday, 35 large and small items are transfered from one owner to another, and the number keeps growing. It makes us really happy to see so many items constantly being freecycled, and to discover how much everyone is contributing to saving the environment by extending the life cycles of their products, and putting an end to waste of resources.

A big part of the experience of freecycling items at Freemi has to do with the meeting between people where the donator and the recipient gratefully help each other getting the items saved, and not thrown into the trash.

Why an appointment feature?

Most appointments are successfully completed at Freemi. Unfortunately, it can happen that an appointment gets cancelled by either the donator or the recipient while the other one has the impression that a clear agreement is made.

An example could be that recipients suddenly leave the queue, or do not show up at the scheduled time and place. On the other hand, some experience that donators move on to the next in line, even though the first person in line thought they had a clear agreement. Some recipients experience showing up to an empty doorstep.

At Freemi, it is highly important to us that our users have good experiences with the appointments they make. Many people have a busy everyday life where it takes time to fit an appointment into schedule. We want to make it more convenient to avoid misunderstandings connected to a Freemi-appointment. We introduce this new feature which will ensure that more appointments get successfully completed!

A “digital handshake”

We introduce “Create pickup appointment”. The feature is implemented as part of the chat. Create pickup appointment works as a digital handshake that will create commitment, remove all doubt, and contribute to make both parties remember the appointment.

How to use the appointment feature

When two users have agreed on a time for the pickup of the item, the donator can tap Create pickup appointment. Now, the donator must choose date and time for the pickup. After this, the donator can tap Send, and the feature now shows both parties, that the donator is waiting for the recipient to approve or reject the appointment.

If the given time fits, the recipient can tap Accept on the green button in the bottom of the chat. As soon as the appointment has been approved, the color of the appointment will change from red to green. At the same time, the appointment is shown as a pinned notification in the bottom of the chat. In this way, the donator and the recipient can always see information about the appointment, no matter how many messages are written in the chat. If one of the parties has dialed something wrong or wants to change the appointment, one can just tap on it again and change the date and time.

Both people will be notified a couple of hours before the appointment takes place, to avoid them forgetting it.

At Freemi, we hope the new feature will clarify the process of making an appointment, and we hope it will create even more meetings between people and more recirculation of resources.