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Freemi is Freecycling

When you give away your used belongings for free, you make other people happy, you save the environment, and you have your things picked up at your doorstep when it fits you. These are some of the reasons that over 200,000 freeconomists already use Freemi.

Freemi is your circular freeconomy for free secondhand goods.

We are on a mission to put an end to the throwaway culture and create awareness of ways to easily make a difference for the environment and each other by recirculating great and functional items while also avoiding further burdens of the climate.

At Freemi, we are working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals:
10: Reduced inequalities
11: Sustainable cities and communities
12: Responsible consumption and production.

Freemi is a Freeconomy

Freemi is a new Freeconomy platform where everything is 100% free. This means that all users share a common ground in reusing valuable resources to stop the throwaway culture. Here, financial earnings and prices are not of importance, but making a difference for each other and the climate is. For that reason, Freemi is not just another service and impact startup - it is a green movement.

Give your items new life and avoid CO2 emissions

With the Freemi app installed on your phone, you are one step closer to living a more sustainable and circular life. Whether you pick up free secondhand items nearby or give away your used belongings for free, you participate in an ecosystem that circulates and saves valuable resources every day.

Every free item counts when it comes to saving the climate. When you pass on your used belongings to another person, you postpone that person’s need for buying a new product. When reusing a product, you avoid contributing to the CO2 emissions associated with the production of a new and similar product and the disposal of a used one.

In the UK alone, 22 million small items of furniture are disposed every year. We think that this is in sharp contrast to the fact that Freemi’s freeconomy successfully recirculates 4 out of 5 items.

The history of Freemi

Freemi was founded in Copenhagen in 2015. The three founders Rasmus Thude, Jamie Neubert Pedersen and Mikkel Mørch all had a strong desire to stop the throwaway culture and to make a difference for people and the environment by creating a digital space where things could be shared for free.

“In the beginning, we gave away hundreds of our own used belongings to get Freemi and the circular movement started”, Rasmus Thude, CEO & Co-founder.

Since then, the freeconomy has grown larger, and today we have over 200,000 users in Denmark and the Netherlands (June, 2019).