Future Partner

We suspect you are here because of sustainability getting a higher priority at your company, kudos! Freemi has been called many things but do think of us as a loyal partner facilitating the second, third and fourth life of your products. You're welcome!

Leave nothing behind

Do you know if your products have two, three or just one home during their lifecycle? Most brands say goodbye at the exit. Freemi can help you reconnect with your lost ones (products) and create a new level of meaningful brand retention.

Home interior
Toys and games

Pilot with International home interior brand

Freemi was engaged by a leading Swedish furniture and home interior brand for a hands-on Pilot to discover synergies between peer-to-peer sustainability trends and brand perception.
How does it work?
  • When becoming a Freemi partner, users will be able to tag your brand when freecycling your products. This connection may trigger a custom message and optional offering to drive meaningful retention.
What am I paying for?
  • Timing. Reconnect with your past customers in a proactive and meaningful way.
  • Savings. Leverage a product afterlife service with no handling and get insights about product lifecycles.
  • Convenience. Get a unique QR code for your brand to invite customers to more responsible circulation of your product catalogue.

Become a Partner

We are looking for brands who wants to walk the talk. Freemi offers a new level of meaningful brand retention. True loyalty is an intrinsic motivated gesture of freecycling a product brand. By becoming a partner, freecyclers may reconnect with your brand.
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