Freemi is freecycling.

What do you do when selling your stuff is not an option? Freemi is bridging the gap between unsellable and the landfill with an online marketplace for freecycling. We all need to consume smarter, share and care more about the things we buy and say goodbye to. With Freemi, this is now a convenient option. Green luck!

"Freemi is a peer-to-peer marketplace promoting simple circular behaviour with the potential to fight both societal inequality
and climate chaos".

Rasmus Thude
Founder and Freemist

26 items freecycled so far

Our freecycling movement.

Freemi has built the largest private freecycling movement in the Nordics. To this day, 200.000 passionate Freemists have freecycled more than 100.000 items being everything from couches to kitchens, clothes to camping vans.

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2 million
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